Wudang Kungfu Academy

Wudang Kungfu Academy

DATE the 1st class the 2nd class
First course February 15th to 28th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 28
Second courses March 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 38
Third courses April 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Taiyi Xuanmen Jian (Sword)
Fourth courses May 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Bagua Zhang (Bagua Palm)
Fifth courses June 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Sanfeng Taiji Jian (Sword)
Sixth courses July 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Taiji Wuxing Quan
Seventh courses July 16th to 31st Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Qixing Jian (Sword)
Eighth courses August 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 38
Ninth courses September 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Xuanwu Quan
Tenth courses October 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Taiyi Fuchen (Whisk)
Eleventh courses November 1st to 15th Wudang Sanfeng Taiji 13 (the original form) Wudang Sanfeng Taiji Jian (Sword)


  Master Chen Shixing’s class begins on every 1st of the month and lasts for 15 days. He teaches 3 classes by himself. They are Wudang Taiji 13 form (original form), Wudang Taiji Sword, and Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Quan.All the students can choose to learn one among these 3 forms. The learning process is to make sure that all the students can learn and master the form well. Anyone, male or female, old or young, with or without any experience can join this class.

  Kind reminder:

  1. Both cash and card payment are accepted in the school.
  2. There is a shop in the school.Students can buy some daily items there.
  3. All the students are required to arrive to the school one day earlier.

  Total fees:

  The total fee includes accommodation, meals and learning fee for 15 days.
  Standard double room: 5,000RMB per person (referred photos>>)
  Standard single room: 6,000RMB per person (referred photos>>)

  ● Here in below are the Learning Contents for each class:

  Class one:

  1. Taiji three-part training (Wudang Taiji basics, Daojiao Huogu Qigong, Taiji basic steps)
  2. Taiji Zhuang Gong(Stance): Dantian Tiaoxi Juqi Zhuang, Taiji Lingjing Zhuang
  3. Wudang Sanfeng 13-form Taiji (Original Form).

  Class two:

  1. Sword basics 2. Wudang Taiji Sword

  Class three:

  1. Basics for Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Quan 2. Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Quan

  Basic knowledge of Class one:

  The Taiji three-part training method is an effective and beneficial training system created by Master Chen. With the traditional Daoist health-preserving concept, He combines the basics with the form, just to make taiji learning eaiser for the biginners and those students without any prior experience. Just as studying the basic strokes is important to learn the calligraphy, so the basics are important for martial arts. No basics, no forms.

  Wudang basic postures, Daojiao Huogu Qigong and Taiji basic steps are the fundamentals of Sanfeng 13-form Taiji.

  Daojiao Huogu Qigong is the core of the system. The purpose of this Qigong is to expel negative Qi from the body and to get pure and fresh energy. It is also good for our mind.It helps to attain a positive attitude toward life and relaxes the muscles and strengthens the bones and gives elasticity and vigor to the joint ligaments. It makes us relieve fatigue and restores physical ability. It is also effective in improving our resistant ability to inflammations and arthritis. At last, this Qigong is a great way of losing weight if you keep practicing.

  Zhuanggong (stance training) - Dantian Tiaoxi Juqi Zhuang (The stance of adjusting breath to gather energy in Dan Tian) and Taiji Lingjing Zhuang (Taiji switching strength Stance) - are excellent exercises for firming the body and building the strenths of the legs.

  San Feng 13-form Taiji Quan includes 5 steps and 8 positions in total. It is the original Taiji Quan form said to be created by Master Zhang Sanfeng. So it is also called the Mother Form of Wudang Taiji. Wudang Taiji Quan applies the soft to overcome the hard. It is an excellent way of body strengthening and self-defense. Practicing it, people can convert strength into inner energy. It will help to achieve longevity, to become more intelligent and stronger. Contemplating breathing is extremely important. It helps to change external force into internal force. To practice it right, you need to have a tranquil mood, to bend the chest while keeping the back straight, to relax shoulders and to lower elbows. It combines movements with stillness, the internal strength and external work complement each other.

  Learning from the lower to the upper, from outside to inside, will help you to understand the cultivation of the interior and exterior, and unity of form and spirit. This is also the essence of Wudang Neijia (internal) Kungfu. This combination of forms has been created by Master Chen. While studying these techniques, you can improve your health in a short time.

Training Yards
Training Yards
Sanfeng Temple
Sanfeng Temple
Daoism Hall
Daoism Hall
Living Quarters
Living Quarters
Dinning Hall
Dinning Hall
Academy Market
Academy Market
Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

Master Chen classes

The schedule

  Class begins every first day of the month.
  There are three training sessions per day
  9.00-11.00- morning training  15.00-17.00 afternoon training  18.30-19.30 evening training
  Thursday is a day off. Students can stick to their own routine.

Total Fee

  Standard double room is 5500
  Standard single room is 6500
  The fee includes accommodation, three meals per day and the learning fee. 

Contact information

  Consulting Time:AM 8:00—PM 10:00

Arrival tips

  If you decide to participate in Master Chen’s class, please, make sure to arrive one day before the class.
  You can buy all the necessities in the school shop (toiletries, dishware, towel…etc)
  All students are required to wear the school uniform, that also might be purchased in the school shop.
  We support such payment options like Visa and Master Card, Wechat and Alipay.
  You can arrive either by train (to Wudangshan train station, or to Shiyan train station) or by plane ( Wudangshan Airport). The school can arrange the taxi pickup for you, the approximate price is 100 rmb)
  All students are expected to come to every training on time and to show respect to Master Chen, teachers and their classmates.


  Why China Wudang Kungfu Academy is the best place to learn Wudang Taiji and Kungfu?
  The school was rated as 5A Taichi school in China, the highest rating among Chinese system of service and hospitality rating system.There are 130 comfortable a hotel style rooms, that offer the best accommodation and environment to practice.
  There are ten coaches who are here to make sure, that every student achieves their goals.
  Wudang wushu is not a practice for a day, it’s a practice for a life, and our school is the right place to find inner peace and the right state of mind.
  You will share a unique experience of learning side by side with people from all over China and all over the world.
  Everything that you need to learn more about Chinese culture could be found on the school territory: the Taoist Temple, the special hall to practice painting, the Hall of White Tiger Hall, the Hall of Green Dragon- the places that are decorated with Chinese calligraphy, where we practice in case of the poor weather. There is a big room for tea ceremony and the place where you can learn playing traditional Chinese musical instruments.
  All above mentioned makes the school a great place to learn Taiji.


  Q: Does master Chen teach by himself every day?   A: Master Chen’s class takes place every month and begins on the first day of the month. Master Chen guides every class, teaches and explains every new movement. Master Chen’s assistant coaches help you to improve your form, and make sure you have learned it in proper way.   Q: Does the school provide a free pick-up service?   A:We offer a free pick up service if you arrive to Wudang Town, Wudang bus station, or to Wudang Train Station. If you arrive to Shiyan Train Station or Shiyan ( Wudangshan) Airport, we can arrange a taxi for you ( The fee is about 100 RMB)   Q:Will I pay the price, posted on the web-site, or are there some additional fees?   A:All prices are shown at daoistkungfu.com are final and have no subject to change. The price includes board and accommodation ( three meals a day) and learning fee.