Wudang Kungfu Academy

Wudang Kungfu Academy

Total Fee

Living Expenses (the fee for room and meals)
Double room:180RMB per day
Single room:280RMB per day

Every room is equipped with independent western bathroom, air-conditioner and high-speed internet access (free).

Form Fee:

Form Fee  Learning time (days)
Wudang 36 Lu Tui Fa (Kicks) 2,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Jiben Quan (Basic Form) 2,000RMB 2-4
Taiji three-part training method (Wudang basic postures, Daojiao Huogu Qigong, Taiji basic steps) 2,000RMB 3
Wudang Daoist Dongjing Qigong 3,000RMB 5-7
Wudang Daomen Ba Duan Jing Qigong 2,000RMB 1-3
Wudang Wuxing Qigong 3,000RMB 5-10
Taiji Basic Steps 1,000RMB 3-6
Wudang Taiji Quan 28 3,000RMB 7-15
Sanfeng Taiji Quan 13 (original form) 3,000RMB 7-15
Wudang Taiji Quan 108 4,000RBM 20-30
Wudang Taiji Jian (sword) 3,000RMB 7-15
Wudang Taiyi Wuxing Quan 3,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Bagua Zhang (Bagua Palm) 3,000RMB 8-15
Wudang Xingyi Quan 2,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Taiyi Fuchen (whisk) 3,000RMB 8-15
Wudang Ziwu Qiang (spear) 2,500RMB 8-15
Wudang Baxian Gun (stick) 2,500RMB 8-15
Wudang Baxian Jian (sword) 2,500RMB 8-15
Wudang Taiyi Xuanmen Jian (sword) 2,500RMB 5-10
Wudang Qixing Jian (sword) 3,000RMB 8-15
Wudang Xuangong Dao (broadsword) 2,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Pudao (large broadsword) 2,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Taihe Quan 2,000RMB 3-6
Wudang Xuanwu Quan 3,000RMB 5-10
Wudang Longhua Quan 2,500RMB 5-10
Wudang Fuhu Quan 2,500RMB 5-10
Wudang Baji Quan 2,000RMB 3-9
Wudang Taiyi Xuanwu Quan 2,500RMB 3-6
Xuangong Quan 1 2,000RMB 3-6
Xuangong Quan 2 2,000RMB 3-6
Xuangong Quan 3 2,000RMB 3-6
Wudang Fangbian Chan (monk spade) 2,500RMB 8-15
Wudang Kungfu Fan 3,000RMB 7-15

Additional information for short-term training:

1. We offer one-on-one teaching. You can choose any form you wish to study. We guarantee it will be orthodox training. Students can come and commence the training any time.
2. You can decide your own training time.  A trainee who already has basic skills can learn a form in a shorter time period.
3. We can offer extra classes to speed up the learning process to make sure you can finish forms that you choose.
4. The total fee for short-term study is made up of the accommodation fee and the forms fee: the accommodation fee depends on which type of room you choose to live in (we have five kinds of rooms with different conditions available); The form fee depends on which form or forms you choose to study. The following is an example to help you understand the calculation:
  If student A wants to study Wudang 36 Lu Tui Fa (Kicks) for 10 days, and he chooses to stay in double room (A-type), the total fee is: 180 X 10(days) + 1,800 ( Form fee for Wudang 36 Lu Tui Fa) = 3600 RMB

Contact information

  Consulting Time:8:00 AM —10:00 PM

Arrival tips

  If you decide to participate in Master Chen’s class, please, make sure to arrive one day earlier before the class.
  You can buy all the necessities in the school shop (toiletries, dishware, towel…etc)
  All students are required to wear the school uniform, that also might be purchased in the school shop.
  We support such payment options like Visa and Master Card, Wechat and Alipay.
  You can arrive either by train (to Wudangshan train station, or to Shiyan train station) or by plane ( Shiyan Airport (WDS)). The school can arrange the taxi pickup for you, the approximate price is 100 rmb)
  All students are expected to come to every training on time and to show respect to Master Chen, teachers and their classmates.


  Why China Wudang Kungfu Academy is the best place to learn Wudang Taiji and Kungfu?
  The school was rated as 5A Taichi school in China, the highest rating among Chinese system of service and hospitality rating system.There are 130 comfortable a hotel style rooms, that offer the best accommodation and environment to practice.
  There are ten coaches who are here to make sure, that every student achieves their goals.
  Wudang wushu is not a practice for a day, it’s a practice for a life, and our school is the right place to find inner peace and the right state of mind.
  You will share a unique experience of learning side by side with people from all over China and all over the world.
  Everything that you need to learn more about Chinese culture could be found on the school territory: the Taoist Temple, the special hall to practice painting, the Hall of White Tiger Hall, the Hall of Green Dragon- the places that are decorated with Chinese calligraphy, where we practice in case of the poor weather. There is a big room for tea ceremony and the place where you can learn playing traditional Chinese musical instruments.
  All above mentioned makes the school a great place to learn Wudang Kungfu (Taiji, Qigong, Bagua, Xingyi, etc.) and Daoist culture.


  Q: Does master Chen teach by himself every day?
  A: Master Chen’s class takes place every month and begins on the first day of the month. Master Chen guides every class, teaches and explains every new movement. Master Chen’s assistant coaches help you to improve your form, and make sure you have learned it in proper way.
  Q: Does the school provide a free pick-up service?
  A:We offer a free pick up service if you arrive to Wudang Town, Wudang bus station, or to Wudang Train Station. If you arrive to Shiyan Train Station or Shiyan ( Wudangshan) Airport, we can arrange a taxi for you ( The fee is about 100 RMB)
  Q:Will I pay the price, posted on the web-site, or are there some additional fees?
  A:All prices are shown at daoistkungfu.com are final and have no subject to change. The price includes board and accommodation ( three meals a day) and learning fee.