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International students

Name: Team Taichi Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
We are a group of students from the Netherlands and these are our eight highlights of the health-preserving class at China Wudang Kungfu Academy of Master Chen:
1. The education scheme is brilliantly set up and excellently taught by master Chen
2. Master Chen looks carefully at everyone's personal speed and abilities and inspired us to do our utmost.
3. The school breathes a relaxed atmosphere which made us feel at home;
4. The supporting staff of the academy are very friendly and invest a lot of time in the well-being of all students...

Nome: Leandro Molina Simon 西蒙
País: Brasil 巴西

Foi uma honra treinar com o Mestre Chen, ele é muito atencioso. Sou seu discípulo no Brasil e passarei o ensinamento Wudang San Feng aqui no meu país da melhor forma possível. Com disciplina e sabedoria, da mesma maneira que aprendi.

Desenvolvi muitas técnicas e me aprimorei, 我爱武当山.

感谢!   More...

Name: Ait Aider
Country: France

Being in the Yuanhe Temple for my practice was something great. Meeting Master Chen was for me a very important experience. The teaching was of high quality level with the spirit of Wushu in it. Through my experience in Wudang and with close corespondance Master Chen's academy. I look forward to promtoe Wudang Kungfu in France.


Name: Sascha Wagener
Country: Deutschland
Schon lange wollte ich das mysteriöse Wudang kennenlernen und einen Einblick in seine Künste erhalten. Ich trainiere seid vielen Jahren traditionelles Karate und erforsche die chinesischen Wurzeln dieser Kampfkunst. Zum Glück habe ich diese Akademie gefunden, denn es ist ein wunderbarer Ort echtes Wudang Kungfu, Tai-Chi und Qi-Gong zu erlernen. Der Trainingsplatz in einem uralten Tempel ist genau das was man sich unter einem Training in China vorstellt, und die Meister vermitteln einem freundlich und mit großem Können genau die Aspekte des Wudang Curriculums, die man lernen möchte. Ich plane schon für nächstes Jahr mit einer Gruppe meiner Schüler und weiteren Interessierten an der Wudang Kampfkunst wiederzukommen.     More...

My school:

Hard Qigong

Name: Nathan Sunderland
Country: Cape town South Africa

This is a real, traditional kung fu school. Here nature and spirit exist together. I studied tai chi in the quiet halls of Yuanhe Temple in spring. Trained sanda and hard qi gong in the shade of the summer sun and practised wushu in late autumn snow. This is real kung fu, real Wudang, real China; everything I idolized as a young boy watching kung fu films. The master and coaches are exceptional not only for their incredible skills but for their ready smiles and kindness through explanations and repetitions. The accommodation and food is 5 star which really helps with intensity of training.
I have trained here for 6 months.

Wudang Kungfu

Frank de Goey
Louise Ames
The Netherlands

Beiden hebben wij een aantal maanden les gehad van meester Chen Shixing. Wij hebben veel geleerd op het gebied van kungfu. Nu we weggaan weten we ook dat er veel meer kungfuvormen zijn die we nog graag willen leren. Wij hebben o.a. de volgende vormen geleerd; Frank: de drie basisvormen van Wudangkungfu, de tijgervorm, Tai Chi 13, the eight immortal staff, Louise: Tai Chi 13, Tai Chi 28, the eight immortal staff. Wij vinden het erg jammer om onze kungfu vrienden, zowel leraren als medestudenten, achter te laten en we hopen hen nogmaals te zien.

wudang gongfu

Names: Frank
Country: Italy

Ho vissuto 6 mesi nell’accademia del maestero Chen: decisamente un’esperienza magnifica. In un ambiente tranquillo e familiare si ha il tempo per allenare gongfu, taiji e qigong all’interno di un monastero taoista; cosa che puo’ davvero regalare emozioni forti. Ringrazio vivamente il maestro Chen e gli istruttori, nonche’ amici Wang, Li e, Xiang. Grazie di cuore!

Taoist Qigong My name is Andrew Willis, I feel very honoured to have trained under Master Chen and his excellent Instructors Weng and Li Shu Qing.
After spending eight years training in Sanda (chinese kickboxing), two years western boxing and one year muay thai, I received many injuries that eventually stopped me training. I decided to come to wudang for heath preservation to improve my internal heath. After spending seven weeks training taiji 13 and qi gong I feel amazing, I now have a great passion for taiji which I can practise every day without out the risk of injury and will improve my health for the rest of my life.
I will definitely be coming back to train at the academy. Thank you to everyone at the academy, I felt that I was part of a family and made some friends for life.

Best Wishes
Andrew Willis

Name: Marie Claude
Country: France

I spent 2 months in Master Chen’s academy and it was for me a great experience.I found it’s a perfect place to practice in a friendly atmosphere and with a very helpful team of teacheres. Coming here in Wudang to study Wushu was a dream and now even if I know that I have to keep going practice abroad, I bring back with me more than Wushu forms but also some pieces of Wudang spirit.


Name: Kelly Harper
Country: Canada
Ching Wu Athletic Association

I was extremely impressed with the peaceful China Wudang Kung Fu Academy. The staff and students are of high quality and made me to feel welcome. The one week I spent training here taught me more about Kung Fu and the aspects of it that are unique to Wu Dang. Best of all are the students! They all have a love for Kung Fu that excites you to continue training after you have left. Sifu Chen’s School, like the Shaolin Temple, is a destination-sur-route for all Gong Fu practictioners.

Name: Peter Lundgren
Country: USA
"I stayed at the China Wudang Kungfu Academy for seven short months, and I hope to make it back there the next time the opportunity arises. The location is perfect for training, being both right next to Yuan He temple and also surrounded by the foothills of Wudang mountain and the beautiful and endless orange groves. Master Chen and the other coaches and instructors are very generous with their time and attention, and their skill level is a great inspiration to any fan of the martial arts. Training on a full time basis away from the distractions of modern life, and also in an environment of such peace and natural beauty, is something that any kung fu enthusiast really owes him or herself. The coaching staff and the administrative staff at the school can tailor an amazing experience in China for the adventurous soul, and my great thanks go out to them for having done so for me."

Name: Martin Luca
Country: argentina
I have been in wudang shan,at Chen shi xing school,for a month on december 08 and january 09,and my experience was really great.
About shifu Chen ,he is really clear with his teaching ,and a very expression of taoist culture , really calm and kind,with profound spirit,so you can say he transmit the same that the place do ,the mistic mountains ,the ancients temples,really a lot about a shifu if you want to learn wudang kung fu.
About the school,everybody is wonderfull people there ,and all the staf is perfect,i passed the cold winter with very good food,and warm bed ,enjoing the beatifulnes of the mountains around, training a lot and breathing the spirit of a real temple .
So you can say these is a traditional kung fu experience.

Name: Valerie Michaelis
Country: Austria
Nach zehn Monaten in Beijing war es mir ein grosses Beduerfnis abseits vom Grossstadtdschungel in die chinesische Kampfkunst eingefuhert zu werden! Die Kungfu Schule von Meister Chen im Wundang Gebirge erschien mir nach Internetrecherechen die beste Wahl und meine Erwartungen wurden bei weitem uebertroffen! Der Meister und sein Team empfingen mich aeusserst herzlichst und waren stets darum bemueht mir einen angenehmen Aufenthalt zu gestalten. Das familiaere Flair und das von Anfang an freunschaftliche Verhaeltnis zum Meister liessen meinen kurzen Aufenthalt wie im Fluge vergehen! In dieser Zeit konnte ich fasziniert dem Unterricht der KungFu - Klasse folgen und auch ein wenig vom Wudang - Taichi, der urspruenglichsten Form, profitieren! Doch nicht nur die sympathischen Atmosphaere, sondern auch die wunderschoene Landschaft ueberzeugten mich von diesem zauberhaften Ort!
Ich kann die Kungfu Schule von Meister Chen nur weiterempfehlen, egal ob man als Amateur, Profi oder Einsteiger anreist, man wird defitiniv von diesem magischen Ort und dem professionellem Unterricht profititieren. Ausserdem hat man in dieser kleinen, aber sehr feinen Schule die einzigartige Moeglichkeit das original Wudang Kungfu zu erlernen.

Name: Nathan Roy
Country: USA

I stayed at the school for one month and i learned Taiji 13 form and the tiger form. the Taiji made me graceful and the Tiger form give me force.

The teachers and students at the school were very nice. i enjoyed my time here a lot and it is all thanks to shifu.

Angus & Jane MacDonald
Chiswick, London

Having arrrived at Wudangshan Train Station we made a short taxi journey to the Wudang Taoist Kungfu School. There we were greeted warmly by Master Chen Shixing and his able Secretary who helped us settle into our accommodation.

This was the first martial arts course my wife and I had attended together although I had practiced various martial arts for 20 years, my wife was a complete beginner. Master Chen took the situation
in his stride and we began to learn Tai Chi's 13th form. He was as patient as he was courteous and at the end of our short trip of 10 days we both felt we had achieved much. We would have no hesitation in recommending residential tuition at this school, which encourages all its pupils to "be all they can be".

Thank you.

Name: Pietro
Country: Belgium
My vist in the China Wudang Kungfu Academy was very great.
I studied Bagua and Qigong for two weeks and I did everything to understand every single aspect of Wudang Kungfu and Wudang culture in general and I’ve to say that was a very good experience .
I am pround to have known Master Chen Shixing and thank him and every person that let ume reacise this good experience.
Greetings from Pietro.

Name: Chris Lauzon
Country: USA
I came and trained at the school for 5 weeks. During this time, I learned the Sanfeng Taiji 13 form, as well as some taoist Qigong. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn an ancient and import martial art from a very skilled and patient master. Sifu Chen Shixing is a very patient and understanding teacher, with a very high level of skill. To train in The Yuanhe Temple, next to the school, was also a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is the perfect environment to concentrate on what one is learning. In free time, one can also wander in the hills around the school, which offers great views of the surrounding countryside. I would highly recommend this school.

Name: Enea
Country: France
It was a very good experience of learning Wudang Kungfu here.Durining my stay I have Bagua and Qigong. Master Chen is a very kind and responsible .person, I thank him a lot for his patient teaching.
I will never forget the fantistic vist to China Wudang Kungfu Academy.
I wish the Master is best in everything what he does.
Best regards from Enea.

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