Wudang Kungfu Academy

Wudang Kungfu Academy


Yangze River Daily interviewed our Academy

  On May 12th, Yangze River Daily’s reporter conducted an exclusive interview with our school. Recently, the Sohu Sports, Jingchu network, International online, Future network, NetEase and some other well-known websites reprinted the report about the Norway twins studying in our school, arousing widespread attention and compliments on the network.


  With their outstanding appearance and Kung Fu performance, Norway twin brother attracted the Yangtze River Daily reporter's attention. Nevertheless, the moment the reporters entered our school, they were surprised to find that there were many other international friends. In addition to the Norway twins, there are also foreign students from Britain, France, the United States, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Africa and some other countries. In the shade of pine, we really enjoyed the happy talking and laughing time.

  More than one year ago, the twin brothers saw a set of Taiji displayed by a coach at a party. The coach's subtle movements attracted them, and in order to learn the most authentic Wudang Taiji, they came all the way to China. As master Chen said, "It’s fate that brings us together." After arriving in China, they made a full range of inspections and finally chose our school. After studying more than a year in our school, they are more convinced that they’ve made a wise choice. The quiet learning environment, responsible teachers, and a group of good friends from all over the world gave them the confidence to continue studying here. When they return their homeland, they are going to teach Wudang Taoism and Wudang Tai Ji martial arts to more people.

  Our school has enrolled more than 2000 foreign students of all ages. During the summer camp last summer, a young student who resembles "Obama" came to our school and become a shining star among many foreign children. This year's summer is approaching, our school is fully prepared to meet a new group of children from all over the world, welcome to join us this summer.