Wudang Kungfu Academy

Wudang Kungfu Academy


The Representatives of Academy Became a Beautiful Landscape in the Taoist forum

  From the May 10th to 12th, the Fourth International Taoist forum was held in Wudang Mountain. The forum took "Following the law of nature and living in accordance with moral integrity" as its theme. Over the past three days, in addition to more than 600 guests from 30 countries and regions, tens of thousands of tourists and thousands of journalists from all over the world have been attracted to come to Wudang. The biggest highlight of this forum is that there are 2 new media forums which are closely related to social hot spots. It is quite convenient for friends from all over the world to learn the latest trends of this forum by Wechat, micro-blog, live broadcast and some other ways.

  During this forum, more than 4000 Tai Chi lovers from home and abroad performed at 19 performance areas in Wudang Mountain. The guests at home and abroad enjoyed the charm of Wudang Tai Chi. Representatives of our academy were invited to participate in the performance of martial arts. Their excellent performance and outstanding appearance attracted increasing attention. At the end of the performance, they were warmly welcomed among the tourists as if they were super stars and attracted a large number of pedestrians and Tai Ji enthusiasts to take photos. When other Tai Chi enthusiasts come forward to communicate with them, their gentle temperament really impressed the tourists, which reflected our teaching philosophy of "Cultivating yourself internally and externally."

  Since its establishment, our academy with a broad mind has enrolled students from all over the world. As an inherent requirement of teachers' morality, "The key to become a teacher lies in trying to be good and honest" has become the principle of every coach and teacher. While recruiting students, we always give high value to their morality while regardless of their nationality. During the teaching process, Master Chen who leads our teaching team not only teaches Wudang Tai Chi forms, but also teaches excellent Wudang Taoist culture.

  At present, the world has an increasing understanding of Taoism, and its rich and profound cultural connotations will become the welfare of all of the mankind, and more and more people is bound to benefit from its wild spread. The teachers and coaches here are ready to inherit and expand Wudang martial arts and Tai Chi Kung Fu, which are important parts of Taoism.