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Key points of practicing Wudang Taiji 13 form

Key points of practicing Wudang Taiji 13 form

   Wudang Taiji Quan is a complete system while Wudang Taiji 13 form is the original monther form. With a strengthening sense of keeiing fit,now Taiji Quan has been a very popular method for Chinese people to maintain and improve health conditions.I’d like to share my points of practicing wudang taiji 13 form.

   While practicing Tai Chi, one should maintain a peaceful mind all the time. With the concept of tranquility in mind, relax the muscle in every movement; use the mind to lead the motion. Keep a natural breath and move in a curve, gradually achieving the goal of uniting all the joints and muscles together and coordinate vertical and horizontal movements. Use the waist as an axle to lead other parts to move evenly, smoothly and continuously. Keep the upper body upright, the head and coccyx on a vertical line. Eyes always follow the hands; draw the head upward; relax the neck without being stiff. Close the mouth lightly with the tip of the tongue touching the palate lightly, and tuck in the chin slightly. Relax and sink the shoulders and elbows. Alternate steps between solid and empty. A single leg supports the weight most the time and keeps the body balanced during the movements. Avoid pushing the chest out, protruding the stomach, bowing the head, bending waist, arching back or raising the buttocks. Breathe through the abdomen; keep the abdomen strong and the chest open all the time. Keep the upper body agile and lower body stable. As the breath becomes deeper, slower, thinner and more even, physical strength will be improved. Once a movement comes close to an end, relax and sink the waist, relax the hips; lead the energy up to the fingertips and down to the toes with the mind. Eyes follow the hands and observe around, full of spirit.

   Keep the shoulders and hips, elbows and knees, hands and feet, and both hands cooperating with each other in six directions: up and down, left and front and back. Perfect the postures; stand upright with high spirit .Right,and a peaceful mind. Relax the body and move evenly and stably.

   Lower the body according to the individual's capability. Do not push yourself to the same level with others. The high sitting (the degree to which weight -bearing knees are kept bent throughout the form) makes the movement faster and more effortless; low sitting makes the motion slower and requires more effort. Once the height of the posture and speed are set up,one should keep them the same without changing frequently. As the main purpose is fitness, one should practice it in a relaxing,comfortable and natural way;

   Slight perspiration is enough for one session of exercise. At the beginning,it is better to adopt the high sitting stance. Take a rest once tired. Don't force the body into hard work or compare it with other high skill training methods.

   I was very lucky to meet a quite responsible coach.His teaching is slow and easily accepted. We learnt from the basic steps such as Pu bu,Xie bu, much different from that of other kinds of new performance such as Taekwondo and Wingchun.Then it was the body postures like Yun shou(winding the hands),Lou xi ao bu…quite interesting.Huogu Qigong was not easy to follow because of my back problems.I could only manage the first and last movements that are not so concerning the waist and back.I mean,they say it is a very good Qigong form to relax the body and get Qi through from the bottom to Baihui,difficult as it is,I will try later.Maybe it will do some good to my back and waist pain.

   The others are all fasters,except of me.13 groups of postures took me almost a month to learn.At first,I have to remind myself of the steps, movements, holding a ball, changing directions, segregate the weight to both legs enevenly all the time because my hands and legs cannot even work in coordination.Gradually,it was like a miracle when one morning,I sensed the Qi flowing in my hands when I was practicing Yunshou and it lasted for several minutes.It is no longer someone else’s experience in a fairy tale or in a story,it is my experience.I can feel it cheering me up.

   After this, life became more interesting and full-filled.Please forgive a greedy person who wants to leave this fabulous place with more precious unforgettable experience.When it is in the morning and in the evening,I am practicing at the foot of the hill,with few people around , the Qi will be stronger than the other hours’in a day.The coach said it is because of the raising of Yin and Yang.

   More information will be summed up little by little in the following contexts.I will never forget this trip.I’d like to express my sincere thanks to China Wudang Kungfu Academy, to my coach and salute to the old traditional treasure Wudang Taiji.