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Wudang Kungfu Academy


Kungfu Enlightenment in the childhood

Kungfu Enlightenment in the childhood

  Before my trip to Wudangshan,I didn’t have any knowledge aboutKungfu.We heard about the Wudang Mountain because it was also a famous royal palace of the same importance with the Palace Museum since Ming Dynasty.All that I ever know about Kungfu is from the TV series, the martial arts movies and in the literature genre known as Wuxia(武侠小说).

  The actors can fly above the lake like an immortal in the fairy tale.They use different kinds of weapons, such as sword, broadsword,whip,staff,spear, a sledge hammer,or a daoist horsetail whisk and so on. Talking about Chinese kungfu movies and TV series in the past years, it is countless.There are always different stages for the practicers. The beginners can only learn from the basic Mabu and punching.Only when they reach a certain level can they learn the superior internal kungfu.That is like the transition period between childhood and manhood.The better the internal kungfu is, the more excelelnt the people will become.That is also like the change of the weapons.The higher stage the person is, the smaller his weapon will be.We don’t ever see a man with great excellence in martial arts hold grand weapons.The top state is that one can hurt the others by leaves or other tiny things.

  Thanks to the great Chinese martial arts novel genre novelists Jin Yong(金庸),Gu Long(古龍),Liang Yusheng.Many films and television programs are adapted from their novels.This type of fiction is based on chinese concepts of chivalry,a separate martial arts society and a central theme on martial arts.They express heroic spirit, and some show the honorable characters of figures. Shaolin and Wudang, 2 of the most influential genres of Chinese martial arts,separately represent the internal Kungfu and the external Kungfu.I was born in the 1990s,when I was quite young, there are lots of Kungfu movies and TV series, just like the enlightenment of a totally different kind of life,so increditable and mysterious to the kids! The boys learnt the classic postures and played fighting games and the girls would laugh loud . It is such an unforgettable experience that we dreamed about being heros.

  Wudang Kungfu is a major division of Chinese martial arts,with its philosophical roots in Taoism and is considered an internal martial art, utilizing internal energy, or Qi, and following the simple principle of “subduing the vigorous by the soft.”

  The Taoist priests appeared to be as saying in Chinese legend, one elder in emaciated shape, with long beard and their hair in knots around their heads, dressed in a black or white Daoist robe and long daoist socks.They bring swords and horsetail whisks as weapons. They read and recite daoist texts,study confidential martial arts and medicine as well as healing arts.They dream about being immortal by non-sop self-cultivation. Some will dwell in the mountain all their life and some will wander about after the preliminary learning and then they are required to experience more in the society and they can reach an upper stage,both in mental and physical aspects.

  Wudang Taiji Quan is one of the most well-known kunfu style. Literally, Taiji Quan(T’ai Chi Ch’uan)means “supreme ultimate fist”; T’ai means “supreme”, Chi means “ultimate”, and Ch’uan means “fist”. The daoist priests created and inherited the Wudang Taiji forms and they were used to build a strong body and cultivate the mind,which makes Wudang Taiji forms more focused on the Qi.The essence of tai chi is really not the slowness or tenderness, but the quality of "touch-and-go", being loose while combustible.

  Also, they engage themselves into mediation.Daoist priests incorporate mediation as a part of spiritual practice.They stand stance at certain hours to gather Qi and get it circulated and run smoothly.

  Movies such as Taiji Zhang Sanfeng make the founder great Zhang Sanfeng a legend in our heart.Nowadays, Taiji has become more and more popular among the Chinese because of the regimen trend.Wudangshan,as one of the national forest parks and the foundation of the, is attracting more and more tourists and taiji lovers to the holy land for health preservation with the most authentic wudang taiji and qigong as well as its primitive ecologic environment.