Wudang Kungfu Academy

Wudang Kungfu Academy


There is a place called Wu Dang part 4

I’d like to introduce a few concepts about Chinese Qi Gong today.

1.中国气功/Chinese Qi Gong

Daoism practices “真气导引/Zhen Qi Dao Yin” to control oneself’s breathing to run through the 大小周天/Large and Small Vital Circles of the person. 真气/Zhen Qi is the original Qi that you are born with, which is the combination of 精气神/Jing Qi Shen. When these three are merged together is called 丹/Dan. 丹田/Dan Tian is a well accepted concept, well Dan is the same thing, the combination of Jing Qi Shen, 田/farmland (filed/place). Together means the place of the original qi. “导引/Dao Yin”, Dao means breathing movements; Yin means physical movements. Dao Yin means the combination of breathing through physical movements.

2. 瑜伽/Yoga

Yoga is originally from India. It is also a kind of Qi Gong. Yoga is practicing Chakra points and Chinese Qi Gong is focusing on the Original Qi / Dan. Some westerners told me that Chinese Qi Gong is originally from Yoga / India. Well, I seriously doubt that. Yoga is from about 5,000 years ago, while Chinese Qi Gong is from ancient time like one million years old. Or at least is from Fu Yi Ba Gua time, which is also more than 10,000 years old. It is based on the Chinese Medicine theory, later was spread out by Chinese Daoism (the only Chinese local philosophy).

3. 元气/Yuan Qi (Origional Qi)

先天元气/Original Yuan Qi (Zhen Qi) is the source of life, it can turn into Jing Qi Shen and literally everything; 后天自然之气/the qi that we are breathing in and out.

4. 调息,调身,调心 (Adjusting breathing, body and the heart)

Adjusting breathing; adjusting physical positions; adjusting the mind. It is funny when we talk about “adjusting the heart”, we normally translate this into “adjusting the brain”. Whether it is adjusting the mind or the feelings is a question. Well, “mind/thinking” is the left brain; “feeling/sensing” is the right brain. I guess adjusting the heart is adjusting the brain then.

5. 精气神/Jing Qi Shen

精/Jing means material things; 气/Qi includes original Yuan QI we are born with and the Qi we are breathing; 神/Shen is the consciousness and mind.

Jing is something you can see and touch; Qi is something you cannot see, but can touch (feel the air or wind); Shen is something that you cannot see nor touch.

6. 气功有静有动 (Still and Moving Qi Gong)

Qi Gong mainly includes Jing Qi Gong (Still Qi Gong) like Zhuang Gong & meditation; Dong Qi Gong (Moving Qi Gong) like Yoga and Tai Chi, but in fact, they are mostly combined.

7. 十二正经/Twelve regular meridians

Three Yin Hands Jing (energy circles) and three Yang Hands Jing; three Yin Feet Jing and three Yang Feet Jing. Total of twelve vital circles. Exact names and circles are too complex to translate for me. Better to see some pictures or Chinese Medicine theories. If you have ever done some Chinese acupuncture, you will understand what I’m trying to say here.

奇经八脉/Eight extra meridians

The most famous two are Ren (任脉) and Du (督脉) if you practice Qi Gong. If these two are through, all the rest are through.


8. 丹/Dan

Dan is the combination of Jing Qi Shen as well as Yin and Yang. Internal Dan is the combination of oneself’s Jing Qi Shen. External Dan is normally by chemical items like lead and mercury to replace Yin and Yang, the Daoist who does this External Dan work is called the Alchemist.

9. 大小周天/Large and Small Vital Circles

“炼精化气”/ Transform Jing into Qi, the first basic step of Chinese Qi Gong. Focus on the breathing with mindfulness, run through Small Zhou Tian, the small vital circle inside the body.

“炼气化神”/ Transform Qi into Shen, the second step of Chinese Qi Gong. Direct the Qi run through out body with our consciousness.

“炼神还虚”和“炼虚合道”/ Transform Shen into Xu (emptiness, the sky, the universe), Transform Xu into Dao, returns to the source, oneself and the universe. The third and forth steps are very spiritual. The funny thing is almost in all religion and spiritual theory the final step is to return the source. You are me, I am you, we are one, we are all the universe.

Small Zhou Tian originally means the earth self rotation, in the Daoism Internal Dan Qi Gong it means the first step Transform Jing into Qi, which runs through Ren and Du meridian.

Large Zhou Tian originally means the earth rotates around the sun, in the Daoism Internal Dan Qi Gong it means the second step Transform Qi into Shen, which runs through all twelve meridian.

10. 走火入魔/Zou Huo Ru Mo (burned by the devil)

“走火入魔/Zou Huo Ru Mo”Self Burned, literarily means Burned by the Devil. It always said that we have the enemies inside ourselves, if we cannot control the balance, we would be burned by our inner devil. Practice Qi Gong or anything really, if we are too obsess, we will forget about everything else even the family and friends, we will go physical. Zou Huo means the fire is burning, normally it’s the damage of the physical body; Ru Mo means possessed by the Devil, normally is the damage of the emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

11. 慧根/Hui Gen, wisdom root or seeds

Hui Gen is a word from Buddhism, which means the kind of wisdom and the power of natural understanding about the universe that a person is born with.

A person is always born with certain Yuan Qi, but we are also consuming it everyday. We can increase it while practice Qi Gong. When our body is full of Yuan Qi, we can then return to the universe becomes Shen Xian (Gods, Spirits J).

Before I went to Wu Dang, I thought Dan Tian is just in one place, which is one hand lower than the belly button. Later I found out, we actually have three Dan Tian areas, upper one is at the position of the third eye; the middle one is at the position in between our chest; the third one is the one below the belly button. Middle Dan Tian is the first position to go through, then upper Dan Tian, and then lower Dan Tian. When all three areas are through, we then can have the possibilities to gather Dan.

After two weeks of Tai Chi practice in Wu Dang, I started to feel Qi going in and out in between my chest. At that time, I still didn’t know the concept of middle Dan Tian, I even was worried that I had some heart issues. After checking with different people, I found out that my Qi could run through my middle Dan Tian within one month shows that I have Hui Gun to practice Qi Gong. When female practice Chinese Qi Gong, the first area to be open is “Tan Zhong Point”, which is the point in between the chest the middle Dan Tian. This is the first time in my life to feel “Qi” running in and out of my body. I twisted my left shoulder one year ago, which was even getting much better within one month of Chinese Qi Gong. It is so amazing that I will continue to practice everyday.

I will introduce the two styles of Chinese Qi Gong I’ve learned the next piece. To be continued…